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2019 Ring Trends, What’s HOT?

2019 Ring Trends

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2019 Ring Trends, What’s HOT?

2019 Ring Trends, What’s HOT?

From Yellow Gold to Stacked Rings, these 2019 ring trends are breaking out. 

Whether you have engagement plans or are just looking for some added bling, 2019 has been all about rings. From the most detailed to the fanciest, these 2019 ring trends are rising fast.

2019 Ring Trends

Detailing is trending hard in 2019. It’s all about the smallest details and in 2019 woman are in a frenzy of detailing. Taking a classic cut but adding small details is what seems to be in the thing in 2019. As seen below, tiny diamonds nest it’s center jewel. It’s small details like this that are gaining in popularity this year.

Diamond Detailing


Yellow Gold is another heavy trend happening in 2019. Because of it’s versatility to blend in with almost any type of stone and setting, yellow gold is on the rise this year. Yellow gold diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice as all diamond cuts stand out no matter of it’s size.

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Stacked rings are another hot buy on the rise. Very popular around a decade ago, stacked rings are making a comeback. If you are not a ring connoisseur and are shopping a ring, it’s important to know that ring styles usually shift on comebacks after a decade. Stacked rings were a major hit around 2010 and after close to a decade are back on the rise.

Stacked engagement rings

Halo rings are seeing a rise in popularity in 2019. Although unique halo cuts are what separate the good from the bad, they are not for everyone. Because halo rings have tendency to make any stone look larger, it’s important to get creative when selecting a style. It’s strongly recommended to try out any type of halo ring before buying. What you see and how it looks on you can be very different.

Halo style diamond ring

Synthetic Diamonds

Millennials are going crazy over lab diamonds in 2019. For those who are unaware lab diamonds are synthetic diamonds produced by a controlled process, as contrasted with a natural diamond created by geological processes or an imitation diamond made of non-diamond material that appears similar to a diamond.

Lab diamonds tend to be 20-40 percent cheaper then mined diamonds but jewelers are starting to master the process while the non ring connoisseur could probably not even tell a difference.

Lab diamond engagement rings

Just like any type of jewelry, ring trends come and go in a hurry. However, rings are probably the only item that a woman has a special bond to. Trends can help you set you in the right direction, but keep in mind something that might not be trending right now can easily become popular in the near future.

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