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4 Weird Fingernail Trends That Are Actually Cool

Weird Finger Nails

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4 Weird Fingernail Trends That Are Actually Cool

4 Weird Fingernail Trends That Are Actually Cool

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some fingernail trends that are becoming more popular in 2019.

1). The Insect Finger Nail

Insect Finger Nails
Adding insects to your fingernails looks to be taking more ground with the viral video of live ants in a woman’s fingernails. Oppose to just using dead insects as art or inserting them in your nails like a mosquito stuck in some prehistoric stone, having live ants is pretty cool. Some will argue that it’s cruel, and yes it is seeing that without oxygen, it’s just a matter of time before they die, one cannot deny the fact that it’s amusing.

2). Teeth Finger Nails

Teeth Finger Nails
At first glance, the teeth fingernails look odd, but up close it’s quite creative. No one likes to visit the dentist, but you can be sure that you’ll be reminding your friends and family members that it’s ok to go for checkups! Next time you’re feeling artistic, give this style a try.

3). Utensil Finger Nails

Utencil Finger Nails
Ever wanted to find a use for your fingernails? Well, now you have the utensil inspired fingernails to help you with your eating habits. Want to pick up that small piece on the dinner plate? Want to avoid going to the drawer to grab a knife and fork? Now you have it all in one hand.

4). Liquid Filled Finger Nails

Water Filler Finger Nails
This has to be my favorite. A snowglobe style fingernail where the inside is filled with liquid and little artifacts to move around. Not only will this receive praise, but you’ll also be able to entertain yourself in those few moments of the day your mind drifts off.

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