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Amazing Long Distance Creations Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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Amazing Long Distance Creations Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Amazing Long Distance Creations Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Why does that feeling of missing a loved one seem to grow so strong around this time of the year? Sure, the holidays are quickly approaching, and although gifts add some spice, nothing can compare to that feeling of being reunited with that someone who holds a special place in your heart.

Whether it’s a boyfriend living across the country, a son or daughter living up their college years in another state, or your bestie that has moved away from your hometown, Long Distance Relationships are soooo hard. 

That feeling of emptiness comes without warning when you least expect it. Your day can be great, when all of a sudden, a single thought of missing someone takes over your mind and you start thinking of that person and can’t stop. I miss them so much!

I guess by now you have figured it out that, yes, I am in an LDR. My husband has been working out of state for almost 24 months and I can honestly say things are not getting easier. Time heals everything does not exist in my dictionary and I don’t hide it either.

Special Long Distance Creations To Share With A Loved One

Although nothing can compare to someone’s physical presence, there are some cool personalized items to help us stay positive when we need it most. I decided to head over to Etsy to search and find some of the cutest and most creative handmade long-distance creations to get us past the hard times. A token of appreciation to our significant other, letting them know distance has no boundaries.

 1) Custom Two-State Necklace Charms 

LDR necklace

I am a very simple chick and this necklace hit a soft spot when I saw it. This necklace makes the perfect gift for a loved one in a long-distance relationship. The necklace features 2 coins with different states of your choice with a dainty heart coin in between them. It’s built to last as well with tarnish resistant materials! 5star reviews and quick shipping shows the seller knows what they are doing. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

2) Custom Full State Necklace Charms

LDR necklace


With almost 5000 necklaces sold, people seem to love the full state matching charms. The necklace comes in a variety of lengths, even a long 22″ inch model, for those who prefer to keep their jewelry tucked under. A very original creation that makes works for both women and men. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

3) Personalized Lightweight Initial Bracelet

LDR bracelet


Just like most Etsy sellers, these custom made bracelets come with your selection of initial tags. Very soft and intimate, this is a perfect accessory for someone who likes to bracelet stack their wrists. A very cute item with an even nicer price tag. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

4) Customized Post Card Pillowcase 

LDR Pillowcase

One word describes this creation…AMAZING. Customize your message on the left side of the pillowcase while you add your names on the right. What a smart idea and a great way to make someone feel special. This pillowcase is a bestseller and rightfully so. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

5) Long Distance Personalized Picture Map 

LDR Picture Frame

Pick your States, send in your photo and this is what you get. Having a picture like this to look at every day will surely keep a smile on anyone’s face. You can personalize your message to be added or choose from 8 wording options if you need some inspiration. A must-have for girlfriends and sisters. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

6) The Love Lamp 

LDR Love Lamp

If you are into technology then the love lamp is something you may enjoy. A Wi-Fi Enabled Touch Light that connects you. This light changes color with a single touch and connects with other lights that are connected, no matter the distance. Touch lamps have been trending over the past 12 months but this is the first that I have seen capable to be personalized in such details. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

7) LDR Picture Frame

LDR Picture Frame

Another bestseller Etsy item, this personalized LDR frame is touching. The London Grey color palette really helps bring the picture to life. Just like all items in this article, the frame can be customized from A-Z. Add your names, location and special message. I looked over hundreds of frames when browsing ideas for this article and this one clearly stood out. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

8) Coin Engraved Necklace 

LDR necklace engraved

The coin necklace makes the list because of it’s handmade creativity. Every necklace is custom cut and engraved with whatever your heart desires. The seller has tons of different coin based jewelry but after reading many comments, it seems like buyers like this one the best. Here is a LINK to see more pictures.

Keeping Positive

So there you have it, some pretty neat things that can help you get through the tough times when your heart hurts most. Its never easy being away from loved ones but sometimes the smallest things can have the greatest impact on us when we need it most.


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