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Micro Plants A New Trend For 2019?

Plant Mini Micro Cactus

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Micro Plants A New Trend For 2019?

Micro Plants A New Trend For 2019?

Summer fashion, new electronics, new cars, new gadgets, and new plants? In this article, we’re going to look at a weird new trend hitting the social media wave.

Micro Plants



Source: Martha Stewart

It seems like we aren’t going to hit a plateau in terms of new ideas, innovations or trends. Now we have Micro plants, literally the size of your thumb! This is every gardener’s dream. Low maintenance, little water, and poof, you have yourself a Cactus (which by the way, needs a lot of water and sunlight if you ever buy the big ones you see in the Cowboy movies).

Who’s Selling Micro Plants?

micro plant studio cactus mini
A simple google search will bring up the company Micro Plant Studio, which if you stumble upon their website, you’ll see they offer more then just Micro cactuses. There’s a whole line of different plants you can get but their main focus is Micro.

Worth Replacing Your Current Pant Set Up?

micro cacti plant
Absolutely not! These are gimmicky, to say the least, but still very cute to have in your room, or best of all, your office workspace. Doesn’t take up room at all and you can place them anywhere. It’s proven that having plants around you is healthy, but is it the same with Micro plants? Probably not, but you can still enjoy the cute view!

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