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Top 2019 Wedding Trends

Top 2019 Wedding Trends

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Top 2019 Wedding Trends

Top 2019 Wedding Trends

Whether you are planning a last minute wedding or looking ahead, these 2019 wedding trends will lead you in the right direction.  

Wedding trends are extremely hard to grasp. What is popular today can be totally irrelevant tomorrow. Wedding trends can shift very sudden without any signs of changes. 2019 is no different but somethings seem to be sticking around and rising in popularity. Here is a look at some wedding trends that seem to be holding ground in 2019.

Non-Traditional Venues

Kiss goodbye to the big halls and fancy garden settings. In 2019, the millennials are changing from traditional wedding venues to unique settings like rooftops, warehouses, and museums. The thought process is fairly simple, taking a venue that has the potential to be altered into a wedding scene. More and more couples are taking a cheaper alternative, letting their creativity take the lead instead of their wallets.


Rooftop Wedding Venues


Transparent Decor

Acrylic detailing is not a new trend for 2019 but has become the most consistent. Transparent decor continues to soar in popularity. From wedding signs, place cards, invitations, and accent tables. If you can see through it, then add it. For the longest time, mirror decor was a heavy trend, with almost every wedding venue including it. Things have shifted over to transparent because of its chic, yet simple allure. Place cards and invitations are extremely important because they are the only two items that every guest will see and focus on. They are considered the stage setters, so it’s important to make them count and going transparent will guarantee a great first impression.

Transparent Wedding Decor

source: Etsy

Row Seating

Round tables of 12 are a thing of yesterday. With couples getting very creative with wedding venues in 2019, seating is shifting to long single rows instead of scattered tables. The outcome is a much cleaner, simple look. A much less busy look rowed seating guarantees better views on the head table. Although it might seem scary to think of how to arrange guest seating, the concept is simple. Break your guests up into 10s when planning long tables. Sorting by importance is key. Your hubby’s rowdy drinking buddies can be seated at the tail end of the table. Work to the head table based on guest importance.

Row Wedding Seating


Bar Lightboxes

A cheap and simple trend in 2019 is lightboxes, more specifically Bar lights. Did you know that on average, a wedding guest spends more time at the bar then at their table? Your bar needs love and life to keep the pump up the party. Lightboxes are simple and very effective. You can get very creative with wording and placement. Digital signage to show off specialty drinks are also a very popular wedding bar trend.

Wedding Bar Lighting

Great Lighting At Your Wedding Bar Helps Jump Start Your Night

So there you have it 4 simple Wedding trends making sure your special night is the best night of your life. Planning does not have to be overstressing as the small simple things can be the real game changers.

Good Luck

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