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Failed Attempt For Workers Compensation Caught On Camera

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Failed Attempt For Workers Compensation Caught On Camera

Failed Attempt For Workers Compensation Caught On Camera

While millions search for new jobs, others search for ways to win over workers insurance using different fraud tactics.

There is no better feeling than starting a new job. No matter of your age, the first day on a new job is like a first date. You do your best to impress, keep your cool and fit in. But just like a first date, the end result might not be exactly what you were expecting.

The Trolley Wing Company in Midvale, Utah had their hands full with a new dishwasher who had a different idea besides washing dishes. The new employee was determined to cash in on workers compensation, pretending to slip, fall and injure himself while on his first day of work. Unfortunately for the new dishwasher, Trolley Wing’s have cameras placed all over their restaurants. This includes a camera in the kitchen.

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If at first, you don’t succeed, get yourself up and try again

The kitchen video camera first catches the employee leaving his washing quarters while approaching other employees in the kitchen. He quickly rushes back to his washing quarters and fakes a very obvious slip. He remains on the ground for over thirty seconds hoping a fellow employee will see him and come to his aid. Unfortunately, the man realizes nobody notices him on the ground and picks himself up.

He then decides to attempt his fake fall in a different angle, making sure other employees will notice him. This time it works, as a fellow employee rushes over to see what happened. The Trolley Wing Company posted a 3minute video showing the scammer at work. Watch the first 60 seconds for the first fall, while the second fall occurs at the 2:50 mark.

It’s nice to see the camera catch everything, easily proving the new employee knew exactly what he had in mind. U.S. companies pay over $60 billion per year for workplace injuries, one has to wonder how much of that is intentional. A sad way to try and earn some extra cash.

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