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29 Year Old High School Record Shattered

Mat Boling trackstar


29 Year Old High School Record Shattered

29 Year Old High School Record Shattered

Matthew Boling’s national track record is one of the most prestigious accomplishments a high school student could ever dream of. 

It’s April 27th and high school track superstar Matther Boling has his eyes set on the 100m finish line. In the blink of an eye, Boling crosses the line with the second closest runner an astonishing 3 lengths behind him.

His time flashes up as 9.98, what would be the second fasted time in the word in 2019. There is only one problem, weather factors into racing and Boling was aided by a 4 meters per second tailwind, voiding the record.

Fast forward to May 11th 2019, Boling is racing in front of over 20,000 spectators at the Texas state championships. This time around, no tailwind would come in to damper the Houston Strake superstar’s chance at history.

Just like he did in April, Matthew blows away his competition and at the same time crushes the national high school 100m record that had been stating for 29 years. Bolings crosses the line at 10.13 seconds.

Boling’s big day did not end with the 100m record.  In the 4×400 team relay, Boling was anchoring his team. Trailing by a large margin with over 100m to go, Boling mounts a comeback with an amazing kick to catch the leader to blaze by him at the finish line.

What’s next for Matthew Boling

Known by his nickname of “White Lightning”, Boling is set to compete for the Univeristy of Georgia next fall. Boling’s future seems very bright for US track and field which has lacked superstar presence over the past decade. If Boling continues at this pace don’t be surprised to see him contend for gold in Tokyo or Paris. USA USA.


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