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Going Big: Drake’s Private Jet Estimated At Over $185M

Drake New Private Jet


Going Big: Drake’s Private Jet Estimated At Over $185M

Going Big: Drake’s Private Jet Estimated At Over $185M

Drake reveals his massive new Boeing private jet, here is a look at what you get for $185M.

It seems like just yesterday when celebrities were head over heels on owning their Gulfstream G jets. Gulfstream jets are still one of the most popular business planes, with a hefty pricetag of around $70M. It looks like the trend of owning smaller jets is coming to an end as Drake has recently revealed his new private plane. The big difference is Drake won’t have to worry about picking 12 of his closest friends to fly with him. He will have plenty of room to throw mile high parties in his new Boeing 767.

Custom Designs

A first look inside the jet

The plane is customized with his trademark logos, rocking the prayer hands and OVO owl symbols. The plane also has the words “Air Drake” displayed on the side of both engines. The inside of the plane is just as impressive. Gold and chocolate brown sofas can be seen matching it’s luxury gold walls. Typically a Boeing 767 can sit over 350 passengers, so one has to believe Drake could get very creative with interior designs because of the massive amount of space he has to play with.

Inside Drake's plane


It seems like the Drake is the sole own of the plane as he states,  “no rental, no timeshare,” and has “no co-owners.”

Airways confirms a new Cargo Airlines 767 costs around $185 million. Drake has recently partnered up with the Canadian company so this could be a gift or a front to bolster brand awareness. CargoJet’s CEO Ajay Virmani says, ‘We are very excited to partner with Drake as our ambassador and assisting him with his logistical needs and requirements. We have had a lengthy relationship with Drake and this partnership has grown organically between both parties.

It will be interesting to see how Drake goes about using his new jet. Will it be for business or pleasure.

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