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Houston’s Craziest Flooding Videos Caught At The Perfect Time


Houston’s Craziest Flooding Videos Caught At The Perfect Time

Houston’s Craziest Flooding Videos Caught At The Perfect Time

America’s flood capital is battling catastrophic rainfalls, here are some amazing videos caught at the perfect time. 

This won’t be an easy weekend for southeastern Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana as more then 20 million are under flood watch. As of Friday, over 64,000 power outages have been reported, with schools and local business closed. Houston has been dealing with flash flooding, heavy rains and unpredictable weather for over a week now.

Why does Houston Flood so much?

It comes down to the cities sewer’s system inability to handle large amounts of water in short periods of time. Meteorologist Jeff Linder explains it best:

“The streets will flood so the homes don’t flood. The pipes underground that carry the water from roadways to the creeks can handle about 2 inches of rain an hour. So, we start talking about the rainfall rates we were seeing yesterday, 4 to 5, even 6 inches an hour, that’s just a tremendous amount of water that’s going to overwhelm the ability of pipes to carry that water.”


Historic Flooding

This spring’s Houston flash flooding has caused havoc, as rain has lingered for over a week. Although not as devastating as previous years, videos show a sad scene of events:

Tree Uprooted During Houston Storm

Hail The Size of Baseballs

Truck Tries To Drive Through 4 Feet of Water

Flood Does Not Stop Truck Driver

This is what 5inches of rain an hour looks like

Houston is the flooding capital of America, having had record 24 hour rainfalls. On June 26 1989, 10.34 inches of rain fell in the city in just 24 hours. Then on April 18th 2016, 9.92 inches of rain was dumped in less then 24 hours. These are immense record setting rainfalls outside of Hurricanes that Houston must battle with also. Most notables to Houston are Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  #prayforhouston

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