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How Jomboy Media Is Making Baseball Great Again

Jomboy media baseball videos


How Jomboy Media Is Making Baseball Great Again

How Jomboy Media Is Making Baseball Great Again

Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien started uploading random videos to his Youtube channel over 11 years ago and his hard work has finally paid off, as sports fans are now flocking to watch his amazing “Baseball Breakdown Videos”.

The Beginnings

Just like so many Youtube stars, Jimmy O’Brien started his channel by uploading random goofy moments. From Whiskey shots to food taste testing, Jomboy uploaded short and funny vlogs trying to crack the Youtube code.

In 2017, he shifted his content over to baseball, focusing on podcasts revolving around the Yankees, “Talkin Yanks”. From time to time, Jomboy would upload short clips, under 2 minutes, breaking down a funny moment captured during a Yankees game. Although his funny baseball breakdowns were great, they were not getting much exposure due to his channel only having 1.8K subscribers in July 2017.

Machado Goes Off:

Jimmy continued with his Youtube Radio show and sprinkled in his baseball breakdowns for over 2 years, and in April 2019 finally got the big break he deserved. One of his Jomboy “Baseball Breakdown’s” went viral on Youtube helping his channel jump from 2.5K subs to over 160K in only 3 months.

Jomboy Baseball Breakdown Videos

Jimmy’s videos are simple and include a short, 2 minute or under, baseball event he recaps and breaks down. Simply put, he takes a play or moment in a game, which could include a brawl, ejection, funny or crazy moment and puts it in his own words. The highlight of his clips is his lip reading ability and camera angles showcasing things we do not notice when watching games in real time.

For as simple as it may sound, Jomboy takes these baseball breakdowns to the next level. They are simply addicting, as the more you watch the more you want. As per his fans requests, Jomboy now uploads multiple breakdowns daily.

Here is a look at some more of Jomboy’s videos

Bumgarner being a baby:

Scherzer Refuses To come Out:


What people think of Jomboy’s Videos

The great thing about Jomboy’s breakdowns is you don’t need to be a huge baseball fan to love what he does. It’s entertainment made simple but its very effective and is something all sports fan can enjoy and actually learn from.

Jomboy Media baseball videos

Jomboy Media baseball videos1

Jomboy Media baseball videos2

Jomboy Media baseball videos3

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It’s nice to see someone who has not given up on his goals get the recognition he deserves. Jimmy definitely takes baseball to the next level and is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face watching his videos. Good luck and keep uploading for us Jimmy.

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