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New Monopoly Game Has A Voice Controlled AI Banker

monopoly voice banking


New Monopoly Game Has A Voice Controlled AI Banker

New Monopoly Game Has A Voice Controlled AI Banker

In this article, we’re going to look at the new Monopoly game by Hasbro being released on July 1st for $30 with voice banking AI.

monopoly voice banking

Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game for Ages 8 & Up

Everybody knows and loves the classic board game Monopoly. People generally wouldn’t know, but it’s from 1935 and has survived all this time and shows no signs of stopping. It’s fun to play with family or friends and we all have memories of playing Monopoly at some point in our lives.

AI Banking

monopoly voice ai
With AI being the trend these days, many companies are looking to implement AI into their products, and Hasbro is doing just that. No more need for cash or bank cards, the Mr. Monopoly voice banking unit manages all whether it’s paying or receiving rent, checking balances, or buying properties. Simply press the button, say a command, and the top hat will respond.

Hasbro has the release date set for July 1st, 2019, and can be pre-ordered now. It’s designed for ages 8 and up with a limit of 2-4 players at a time.

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