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Posture Correction A New Trend With Todays Lifestyle

Posture Correction


Posture Correction A New Trend With Todays Lifestyle

Posture Correction A New Trend With Todays Lifestyle

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what posture correction is, why it’s important, and what you can do now to correct it.

What is Posture Correction?

posture correction
Posture correction is self-explanatory, which is to correct your bad posture. With today’s lifestyle of being on our computers, looking at screens or our mobile phones, we compromise our posture because we’re either slouching at the desk or bending our necks to look at the phone. Because most of us are not aware of this, over time, we develop bad postures.

Why Is Good Posture Important?

good posture
According to a recent study from Columbia University, people on average spend about 77% of their walking life sitting. This is becoming more of a realization today as Google search results show an increasing search for Posture Correction. A good posture has many benefits such as keeping the bones and joints aligned properly, improved circulation, less wear and tear on your joints, less fatigue and provides more energy. A lot of health problems can be traced back to your posture.

Not only does a good posture provide health benefits, but it leaves you feeling more confident, alert, focused, and awake.

How Do You Improve Your Posture?

UpRight Go
There are many ways to improve your posture. The first way is to be conscious of your posture throughout the day. You’ll need to train your mind to remember to keep a good posture. Using phone reminders like the Apple iPhone reminder app is good because you can set reminders through the day to alert you to correct your posture.

You can go to a wall and align your back to it and keep it straight for 10-15 seconds repeated 3 times. If you’re sitting all day long, you can buy a chair that is made for good posture support.

Some of the more up-to-date options involve products and technology. UpRight Go is a tiny wearable device that helps correct your posture and strengthen your back muscles – providing the solid foundation that leads to long-lasting good posture, back and neck pain relief.



Posture Corrector
The other method of helping you correct your posture is by wearing the posture corrector vest. You can wear this while you’re sitting, walking or running. Ideally, you wear this while you’re in motion as wearing it for long hours of sitting will make you uncomfortable. The idea behind this is it provides support and pulls your shoulders back to align your back to have good posture. It can be combined with the UpRight Go for the ultimate posture correcting experience.

With the amazing technology and entertainment we have today, unfortunately, it comes with side effects, and bad posture is one of them, one that you shouldn’t take lightly as it can be a catalyst to many health issues in the near and far future.

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