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The ZipStitch – When You Can’t Stitch It, Zip It!



The ZipStitch – When You Can’t Stitch It, Zip It!

The ZipStitch – When You Can’t Stitch It, Zip It!

In this article, we’re going to look at a revolutionary way to heal your deep cuts with minimal scarring using ZipStitch.

Surgical Quality Wound Care Anywhere!

So what is ZipStitch? In simple terms, it’s a bandage that you can place on a new cut to close it with surgical-quality. If you’ve ever cut yourself before, you know that just putting a regular bandage won’t close the cut, rather just protect it, but by doing this you’re not actually closing the wound to heal properly, you’re exposing yourself to even visible scarring. With the ZipStitch, you can apply it to the fresh cut, close the gap by pulling on the plastic strings, and now you’re cut is closed properly and able to heal the way it should and minimize any scarring.

The company website describes the ZipStitch as, “the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription. It is completely non-invasive and easy to use, wherever you may be. ZipStitch enables you to treat cuts with hospital-grade technology, continue your outdoor activities with less interruption.”. You can see a more detailed video of the process below:

Some of you have likely already seen this before. But for the others who haven’t, and are interested to get a set for yourself in that emergency situation, you can visit their official website by going to

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